8 Steps To Sucess

So just how exactly does this whole process work?

Step 1

Initial consultation – during our first meet up we will discuss what your goals are for your website. We’ll have a strategy session to decide who your tribe is and how to reach them. Using our comprehensive web design questionnaire and unique brand discovery process we will discuss your ideas and preferences for the design and the aspects of the website that could benefit your brand.

Step 2

Branding – next we will design your logo and create a mood board with your colour palette & fonts to ensure your branding and image fits your vision and is perfectly individualised for your unique business.

Step 3

Content collection – without content, your website would just be an empty shell. At this stage, we will collect the content necessary to fill the blank pages.  This will include researching your specific market and your competitors to ensure we set you apart from the crowd. We’ll then do image collection and copywriting so that the content on the site is as on point as the design, communicating your vision and mission as a business while attracting website viewers to do business with you.

Step 4

Website design – in this step we will design your website as well as the layout, deciding where and how the content should be displayed on the site. Creating a unique design that will communicate your brand, solves your needs, speaks your message, and helps your business stand out among your competitors is key. We will then ensure that the design is user-friendly, easy to navigate and suited for mobile devices. Once you’ve ooh’d and ahh’d at the incredibly modern web design, we will move on to the next step. 

Step 5

Filling the gaps – now that the design has been approved we will start adding the content into the remaining pages. The content will be inserted into your layout and design based on steps 1-3

Step 6

Responsive coding – now that the content has been added, the website will be coded. The coding is done meticulously to ensure usability, ergonomics, layout traditions, user habits and navigation logic. With expert coding, we will make sure the site is fast loading, responsive and that the design functionality is intact no matter what device is used.

Step 7

Final checks and approval – finally we will check the functionality of the site and run some diagnostics to ensure it’s ready to go live. You will be given a preview and the chance to make any changes before giving final approval. This step is to ensure a collaborative effort between Neoteric Media and you as the client. With collaboration, we can ensure a beautiful site that ultimately translates your business into an online platform that will boost sales.

Step 8

Your website goes live – at this stage, we will do the website’s search engine optimisation (SEO) to ensure you’re site is optimised for search engines. Tracking will also be added to allow us to track all activity on the website and what your website viewers are doing once they get to your site. This will help us track our success and tweak your online marketing strategy if need be. Finally, your site is made live and ready to take the world by storm! Now we just sit back, and your website works for you.